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As a fellow 30-something with thinning hair, this post feels like a cheat code. I can't wait to try! I've admittedly done a lot of "research" for ways of slow thinning hair and attempting to medicate my constantly flaking scalp. I can relate to this because I really didn't take care of my hair until it started to thin right at the age of 30 and I instantly became super insecure about it. Though if I can offer any advice I've found that Rosemary oil applied directly to the scalp hours before a wash has proven quite effective. Nizoral shampoo is surprisingly great for hair loss and scalp issues but I'd recommend a rosemary conditioner because it dries the hair pretty bad if used alone. On the pricier side, I went to a Head spa on the upper west side (i know that sounds insane) and the nice lady there used and recommended products by Oway which have also been great for my scalp since using. Sorry to carry on about this but clearly you've struck a nerve with me. Thanks for sharing!

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Last month, I was writing some music again while drying my voluptuous, beach-wavy locks in the mirror, and I was singing, "I'm not a beauty school drop out;

I don't need your beauty tips,"

like I was a singer in a rock band in a life I had always dreamed about, but had not led. I appreciate you sharing your stories, Matt. It seems our lives have Kris Krossed a few times, "makes you wanna jump," huh? I look forward to reading some more, and feel free to submit to @lvlitmag in the future.

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